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Protecting your environment

As crime and burglaries are on the increase, a security shutter can protect you against the opportunistic burglar. The majority of burglaries are opportunistic, an open window seen from the street is usually enough. Perhaps the thief will have a quick look around for a quiet corner. Keep them out with shutters and keep your home ventilated and safe

With the average cost of a burglary being in excess of £3,000 according to Police sources. (Securing the Nation).

Security shutter down and window open providing you with a secure way of keeping the home ventilated and safe during the warmer summer nights.

UNE-EN 1630 Class 5 security level for an 1800X1800 shutter. Direct translation from Google translate for intergity.

“The experienced burglar also used power tools like drills, sprat and angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm maximum. The thief expects a reasonable booty, acts resolute in their efforts to enter and is well organized. He cares little about the noise level and the risk you are willing to take is high.”

Class 5 gives an entry time of 15 minutes.

We have a high level of security and an insulating shutter.



Add another dimension to the design of your home with a roller shutter.

What are the limits of your imagination?

Add a splash of colour or subtly improve the beauty of your home by selecting in house designed profiles and a colour of your choice.

Colour has been used to brighten up balconies and façades, add a splash of colour with the shutter.


Be it heat, light or noise that you want to control in order to improve your environment.

The main benefit of the roller shutter is its flexibility. Mounted internally or extenally you will keep intrusive noise and light at bay.

Roller shutters will keep heat in during the winter or out during the summer. Heatloss reductions of 55% are possible, saving you money on both your heating and cooling bills.

And finally let’s not forget the blackout effect giving us some well earned lie ins.




Safe and sound

Double and triple glazing.

Call or email for details of deals on roller shutters combined with replacement windows.

By installing shutters at the same time as installing replacement windows you’ll start saving money immediately.

Nationwide installation available.

0151 324 1159

KalaBlinds Ltd can offer you the most practical solution to your shading needs, the insulated roller shutter.  The unique design makes maintenance and cleaning even easier.

Roller shutters reduce heat loss through the window by a proven 55%, double glazed without u-value 1,8w/m²K and with- 0,8w/m²K.

Protect your environment by reducing the heating and cooling loading.

Look great, the aluminium slats won’t rust.


Easy to install.

All products carry the widely recognised CE mark and the maufacturing process has received ISO 9001 accreditation.  

Roller shutters that protect your environment KalaBlinds Ltd

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How do we get such low prices?


We source the best shutters at the best prices working with the best manufacturers and logistic companies.




Get your shutters on the Green Deal, talk to your local Green Deal installer call 0151 324 1159 for a noncommittal quote.

Security doors

Flyscreens that protect your home from all those nasties. Enjoy the warm summer evenings without having to close all the windows. Have a peacefull sleep without being bitten.

Choose your style from fixed, roller or folding.

Hinged flyscreens for door ways.

Also available with a blackout fabric for a total blackout blind. These are not blinds that are manufactured using blackout fabric. These are blands that are made with a blackout fabric and side guides to ensure the best possible fit and avoid light seepage.